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Sure, he is ignorant in Poker, sure he will drop his bankroll, (probably the same day) but I had to take the hit at the moment.Follow Join our Steam group! Profile; Collection; Missions; Completions; Wish List; Stats; Achievements.With so many ppl playing on the site, you are bound to come across ppl who play against the odds.

One person will flop top pair with top kicker, another will hit bottom 2 pair, one will be on a flush draw, and the other will be on an open ended straight draw.

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For anyone who says that pokerstars players are the best, they are way off.The other half think they are about to break through and start winning any deposit now.

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There are so many players here, it is a royal pain to enter any of the freerolls.As far as choice, games and graphics POKERSTARS is excellent.

Another thing: ignore people that give you a hard time because you know poker is rigged, they are just people that are paid by poker rooms to bash your views on this, they are everywhere, just ignore them, they are bad people that have conscience whatsoever.The combination of these things and the experience has taught me the difference between a good player and bad player.Players will just use the money on your real moneytables anyway.It is goo dif you want to develop skills and move your game to a higher level (the last 2 WSOP champs came from Stars).

I have seen dealers go on fantastic streaks of luck as well as players.Some of these sites are literally worth more than a billion dollars.Regardless of what the yahoos above say negative about pokerstars being crooks.A lot of these guys who think its rigged have a very narcissistic point of view.Three times in a row where I have an overpair to 2 undercards and I lose.

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In fact if you went in with the best cards you were 65% certain to lose.Ever think the reason you see so many bad beats is because you see about 3 times as many hands per hour as physical poker.

Why would the sites just pick everyone who posts on this forum to screw over.Small blind drops as do the other 3 shooters, Big Blind calls.Anyway, to wrap this up, listen to the people on here, they know what they are talking about.Went on yesterday play money tables, took 2000 chips to 12,000 in 30 minutes.The second hand, the flop was 10 10 10, next card was 10, then J.Yes, bad beats are bound to happen here and there, but there is something about PokerStars that is not right.

Again, its just a volume thing, the more flush draws chased, the more flushes hit.Blake joined the staff of the Philadelphia Rare. Early books of Europe & the Americas,. krsieghx (06/06/2017 06:55:08 PM) Subject: Fashion Men Casual Slim Pullover Hoodie Hooded Jackets Coat Sweater Outwear Tops Post.Second, his point was that almost all losing poker players think the sites are cheating when they lose.ABout half way through I have 2,700 chips guy to my right has 3,200.This list of poker losers runs to about (literally) tens of millions of people.

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Just for clarification purposes, Potripper, the guy on AP, who was identified as one of the people cheating (he used an admin account that could see the hole cards of everyone at the table.Too much money to be made to risk illegal alterations with the shuffeling algorythem software.

Of course anyone good player would call over 80% of their stack with a gut shot str8 draw.So after months of giving my winnings back, I signed up at Poker Stars(about 2 weeks ago).

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The third time I do it again raise he goes all-in I think alot but i about the money at this point, I was just curious too see so i call with kk.and what can i see poket 9 again in his hand and a nine on the river.

Flop comes A 10 A turn 9 River 10 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.2015 2018 Championship Dates Sites Ncaa. Results the Year Ended 31 Pace International Loc 2015 Seattle. Jeff Jetter Honda Rd Americas Inc General Guide Draft.Two 2s going heads up will be true odds, a 3 against a 1 will almost always win, and well you get the drift.During the next two hrs ( 2 breaks )about 72 hands I had two hands that were callable.

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